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Learn More About Slugging

Time for a quick lesson on this moisture-locking, barrier-repairing skincare practice.

SLUGGING is the long-standing, dermatologist-beloved practice of applying an occlusive layer over the skin to prevent water loss. Less water loss means more hydration, and more hydration means plump, juicy, healthy skin.

Like Mine

An outstretched hand holds the Slug Boost bottle

Slug Boost

Spritz on clean skin to shower it in deep hydration and prep it for the rest of your routine.

An outstretched hand holds the Slug Cream pink and red container

Slug Cream

Massage into face and neck to condition the complexion and support the skin barrier.

An outstretched hand holds the open container of Slug Balm

Slug Balm

Smooth over moisturized skin to seal in hydration and help repair skin overnight.